Why switch every year?

Customer loyalty is not rewarded in the energy market. When your introductory deal runs out you’ll more likely than not be shunted onto your provider's Standard Variable Tariff, which means a terrible deal for you and a lot more profit for them.

The only way to avoid getting ripped off is to remember to at least switch tariffs every year, and ideally shop around the whole market to find the best deal. Unfortunately this takes time and effort, and most of us would prefer to spend our limited ‘consumer time’ thinking about nice purchases like holidays, cars, or home entertainment equipment.

So, we need to switch and switch again to stay on a decent deal. That means either setting an annual reminder to enter all your details into Price Comparison Websites and trawling through results to check their findings. Alternatively, sign up with the Energy Buyers’ Club and we’ll negotiate a bulk discount on behalf of all our members to get great deal for you.

The recent Competition and Markets investigation found that over two-thirds of consumers are on costly Standard Rate Tariffs, so if that is you, you’re not alone! I started the Club to overcome my own shortcomings as a consumer. I’d carved out a career working on consumer issues, knew that I was overpaying unless I switched and yet still found one reason after another to not get around to it. I just wanted someone to do it all for me - enter the Energy Buyers’ Club!

If you’re fired up to make some savings see our guides on finding supply numbers and your annual usage figures here. We think you’ll get the best deal by joining the Energy Buyers’ Club and taking advantage of our bulk discounts and annual negotiation with energy companies. You can find out more about how it works here.