Finding annual usage figures

You don’t need your usage figures to switch suppliers but they give a handy indication of what you are likely to save. They are a useful to double check that potential deals are right for your household and that you really will save money by switching.

The annual usage statement

If you’ve been with your supplier for over 12 months they should have sent you an Annual Usage Statement. This is the most accurate assessment of how much energy your household uses and it should be straightforward to find your annual usage in kiloWatt hours (kWh). Jot these figures down and keep them somewhere safe. Your last 12 months usage should also be on a recent bill. These are sometimes less accurate as they can include estimated readings, but can still be used to give an indication of how much you can save under a new deal.

Online account

If you have an online account your annual usage figures should also be recorded there. If you’re really stuck you can always call your supplier and ask for your figures. Just be wary that they will probably realise that you are thinking of shopping around and offer you an alternative deal there and then. This will almost certainly be better than your current tariff but is unlikely to be better than the Energy Buyers’ Club deal or shopping around the whole market.

Do you really need this information?

The short answer is no. You can switch with just your supply details. However, details of your usage are a good double check to see if a deal is right for your particular household and is worth the extra effort for peace of mind.

If you can’t find your usage figures we can also use rule of thumb estimates when you sign up to the Energy Buyers’ Club to work out if our deal is right for your household. This bit is boring but necessary. Remember the estimated £300 a year average saving. If you have a bill to hand finding these details will take less than 5 minutes. You’ll only need to enter these details once if you sign up with the Energy Buyers’ Club.