How it works

You spend less than 15 minutes entering your details from a recent energy bill.

We negotiate a bulk discount on behalf of our members and give you the details. If you like the sound of it, do nothing and we will handle the switching process for you.

We'll do the same year in, year out, to make sure you stay on a great deal. No charge to you.

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Spend less than 15 minutes

We understand you’re busy. We ask for the bare minimum needed to switch energy providers on your behalf.

We save your basic details on our secure website so that you only need to enter them once.


Bigger group, greater savings

Our negotiating power comes from our group discount.

Share the secret of energy savings with your friends, family and colleagues. The bigger the group, the more you can save!


We negotiate a great deal

We negotiate on behalf of the group to get a market beating deal.

If you've entered your energy usage data we will tell you how much you stand to save. It's not too late to opt-out if you decide you don't want the savings.


It's nice to share

We can’t all be pioneering consumers, but it’s not too late for the waverers.

Tell your friends, family and colleagues how much you are saving, for less than 15 minutes. They can save too!


Switch to a new great deal

Your details are passed to the winning bidder using our secure server and the group switch begins.

This uses the industry agreed switching process and there is no prospect of service interruption during the handover.


Save year after year

Most people switch once and forget, meaning that they probably end up on an overpriced tariff next year.

We negotiate a market beating bulk discount every year, ensuring a great price time and again.