Finding energy supply details

Finding supply details on bill

This handy guide will help you identify key information on your energy bills so that you can switch suppliers and save. You’ll need a paper bill or access to your online energy account to find this information.

This bit is boring but necessary. Remember the estimated £300 a year average saving. If you have a bill to hand finding these details will take less than 5 minutes. You’ll only need to enter these details once if you sign up with the Energy Buyers’ Club.

Why you need your supply numbers

To switch with confidence you need to track down your ‘supply numbers’. These numbers are unique to the supply at your property and shouldn’t be confused with your account numbers.

These are otherwise known as the ‘Meter Point Access Number’ (MPAN) for electricity and ‘Meter Point Reference Number’ (MPRN) for gas.


Traditionally the ‘Meter Point Administration Number’ or MPAN is displayed as a grid of 21 digits and contains a whole host of details about your supply. It is also commonly displayed as a row of 13 digits beginning with an ‘S’. It’s usually found towards the back of your bill or annual usage statement:

MPAN grid with lower 13 digits highlighed

If your details are presented as a grid you want the lower 13 digits highlighted here in red - you don’t need spaces or formatting. If you can’t see a grid look for an ‘electricity supply number’, ‘supply number’, or ‘S number’ on your bill or annual statement. Again, this should be 13 digits long.

Word of warning, your customer number and meter number are not the same as your supply number and cannot be used to switch your supply!


A gas 'Meter Point Reference Number' (MPRN) is 6-10 digits, often printed with an ‘M’ at the front. Also referred to as a ‘supply number’ or ‘M number’. Again, this is usually printed towards the back of the bill, and is likely to be close to where you found the MPAN for electricity. Make sure you don’t confuse your customer or contract number with your M number.

What to do if you can’t find the MPAN or MPRN?

Suppliers are required to include these numbers on your bills so will be there somewhere, usually hidden towards the back of your multi-page bill.

Citizens Advice provide a useful tool to help you identify information on your energy bills here which may help you track down these numbers.

If you still can’t find them, or you can’t find a recent bill then your best option is to call your supplier and ask for all the information on the attached form in one go (MPAN, MPRN and annual usage figures).

Word of warning, the customer service representative is likely to realise you’re planning to shop around and switch and may suggest a better deal there and then. This is bound to be better than your current deal if you are on a Standard Rate Tariff but it probably isn’t the best deal you can get. I suggest holding on and seeing if you can do better, but of course, this is your decision.

Don’t give up!

This is the stage where most customers disengage with the switching process. Keep that £300 a year saving in mind and dust off your paperwork.

Make a note of your supply numbers. You’ll need to provide them when you want to switch your supply.